Host Great Events

Host Great Events® makes event management manageable providing caterers, restaurants, event centers and planners with solutions for better lead acquisition, flexible online menus, online ordering, and full-service event management.

Improves Event Management

Manageable Events with HGE EVENTS

Includes HGE LEADS for ordering

See HGE LEADS for more information.

Includes HGE MENUS

See HGE MENUS for more information.

Includes HGE ORDERS for internal ordering

See HGE ORDERS for more information. Staff can place orders for smaller events, but customers cannot place orders themselves.

Manage task lists and reminders

Events have many details to manage. With HGE EVENTS task lists and reminders you can prevent details from falling through the cracks.

Schedule venues

Using HGE EVENTS you can schedule your own event venues and can record important location and venue details for off-premise venues you use but do not own.

Generate event proposals

With HGE EVENTS you can leverage customer lead information, your item catalog, and event requirements to maximize the customer's experience staying within their budget and taking every opportunity to up-sell along the way.

Events are online

You can

  • share information between sales and event management,
  • better manage calendars,
  • follow-up easier, and
  • better understand potential future revenue.

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