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Host Great Events® makes event management manageable providing caterers, restaurants, event centers and planners with solutions for better lead acquisition, flexible online menus, online ordering, and full-service event management.

Can Help Me Book More Events

Better Leads Faster with HGE LEADS

Reduce vague emails and phone calls

Do you get emails or phone calls asking "Are you available on this date?" or "How much do you charge?", without knowing the budget, guest count, event date, and other important details? With HGE LEADS your customers are prompted to provide more information when they first contact you. This will reduce vague emails and phone calls saving you time and money.

Get leads instantly by email or text

Would you like to be able to respond to leads instantly? New customers frequently base their decision to buy on how quickly you respond. Text messages from HGE LEADS will give you enough information to immediately respond to customers. While complete lead information is online and available by email, text messages allow you to respond as fast as you like.

More up-front information helps qualify the lead

How long does it take to find out if you and your customer are a good fit? By customizing the additional information you collect with HGE LEADS you can make the most out of your initial customer contact. Quickly determining if they are or are not a fit will let you focus your resources on your target customers that are fit.

Leads are online

In addition to getting leads by email and / or text all leads are online. You can

  • share information between sales and event management staff,
  • better manage calendars,
  • follow-up easier, and
  • better understand potential future revenue.

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