Host Great Events

Host Great Events® makes event management manageable providing caterers, restaurants, event centers and planners with solutions for better lead acquisition, flexible online menus, online ordering, and full-service event management.

Makes Menus More Appealing

Menus Work For You with HGE MENUS

Change online menus without changing your website

Can you easily change menus on your website when prices or items change? With HGE MENUS you can change your menus yourself any time you like. No more incorrectly priced, missing, or outdated items. If you have been paying to change menus on your website you will save time and money.

Offer special and / or seasonal menus

Would you like to be able to offer unique menus for special events or holidays? HGE MENUS will appear for the dates, days of the week, and times of day you select.

Offer groups custom menus

Do you charge different customers different prices based on contract details like delivery, setup, service, etc.? Using HGE MENUS you can price the same items differently for different customers.

Provide potential customers online menus

Instead of providing potential customers printed menus or PDFs you can provide them to a link to their own online menu. You can track menu link clicks to determine how many times the menu was viewed. And because the menu is online it is always up to date. No need to send out new menus.

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