Host Great Events

Host Great Events® makes event management manageable providing caterers, restaurants, event centers and planners with solutions for better lead acquisition, flexible online menus, online ordering, and full-service event management.

Provides Easier Customer Ordering

Easy Online Ordering with HGE ORDERS

Includes HGE LEADS for ordering

See HGE LEADS for more information.

Includes HGE MENUS

See HGE MENUS for more information.

Reduce phone and fax order interruptions

Do you get orders by fax or phone at peak times of the day when everyone is already busy helping a customer? With HGE ORDERS your customers can enter their own orders saving you time and money.

Get orders instantly by email or text

Would you like to know when orders have been received -- without having to constantly check the fax -- especially when you accept same day orders? Text messages from HGE ORDERS will give you enough information to immediately respond to customer orders when necessary. While complete order information is online and available by email, text messages help you stay on top of same day orders.

Accept credit cards or approved corporate house accounts

HGE ORDERS can accept credit cards and approved corporate house accounts for you. You never have access to the customer's actual credit card information so you are protected from potential PCI compliance violations. Corporate house accounts allow you to bill business customers more flexibly without requiring a credit card for each purchase.

Customers can order from their own menus with unique items, prices, services, and terms

Using HGE ORDERS you can price the same items differently for different customers to reflect different contract details like delivery, setup, service, etc.? Customers only have access to the order link and customer code you provide so they will not see other customers' prices.

Easier kitchen ordering, prep, and production with the order calendar

With the HGE ORDERS Order Calendar you can easily see upcoming orders to enable kitchen ordering, prep, and production.

Fewer mistakes with the order sheet

An Order Sheet is created for each HGE ORDERS Order. It lists

  • the event date and time,
  • if the order has changed,
  • the order type (delivery, delivery with setup, pick-up, etc.),
  • order contact information,
  • the order location,
  • order setup instructions,
  • order notes, and
  • the items ordered.

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